Personalised Design

    We want MISHKA jewels to be truly and uniquely yours!

   Personalisation is the best way of doing that. Just imagine, your name engraved on the backside, let's say of the bracelet or ring you are wearing. It has been hand finished by the artisan especially for you, your name carved on it. There is no other piece like that. 

   And it doesn't have to be your name only. We all have dates, words or letters that have special meanings in our lives, memories that we want to keep forever. MISHKA wants to capture those memories for you. To bring together MISHKA's timeless designs and your memories to make every piece of jewelry unique and treasurous.

   Want to get your personalised jewel?

Do you want it to be your or your loved ones initials? Or is there a memory that you want to keep forever?  It's super easy!  Add your selected jewels to basket and proceed to checkout. Type "I want personalisation" in the note card that appears at the checkout page. Our team will contact you to find the best way of putting your memory into letters or numbers. 




Also make sure to check out our Instagram page for more ideas.