Blue is for everyone!

Not just for boys. And jewelry is for everyone. Not just for girls. This is what Ultramarine collection all about. Wearable minimalist metallic shapes with blue details form a gender neutral jewelry collection dedicated to self-love. Each piece from the collection creates stronger look when worn together with other pieces.


is a collection of bold,

colourful and exquisite jewels that bring an element of fun to every style. From the small and dainty to over-sized, every piece from this collection is a perfect accompaniment for any occasion to save you from looking and feeling boring.


Embrace your inner savage

Urban Wilds collection is inspired by our innate connection to nature. Living in urban environments, we are still creatures of the wild, with primal instincts. The collection honors this connection, with designs that pay tribute to the untamed wilderness.

With its textures and shapes each piece in Urban Wilds is a testament to the power and beauty of nature, a reminder that we are all urban savages at heart. Through these designs, we are able to express our connection to nature, even in the midst of the concrete jungle.

So if you’re a city dweller who loves to walk on the wild side, Urban Wilds has something for you.

Embrace your inner savage and unleash your wild side.


With love to the soil we tread

We selected the stones collected one by one from different provinces of Turkey, cut and shaped them by hand, set them into hand-crafted silver rings and the Toprak collection was born.

Stones carry millions of years of history on them. Maybe that’s the reason for many of us to believe that stones have supernatural powers, that they can affect love, health and mind. However, the focus of this collection is the love for the soil we step on, and the desire to share that love with others as each piece represents the richness, colors, and value of the geography we live in.

What makes the Toprak collection even more special is that it was born out of collaboration with ÇYDD, and all the proceeds will be donated to help earthquake-stricken university students in Turkey. By purchasing a ring from the Toprak collection, you not only carry a piece of Turkey’s soil with you, but you also contribute to a student’s education and the future of this land. Each ring sold will cover the university expenses of a student for one semester.

mishka toprak koleksiyonu