Modeling photo. A girl wearing elongated hoop earrings and ear cuffs looks straightly.

Ultramarine? What is that?

Ultramarine is the most expensive shade of blue, a color very close to dark blue.

Why is it so valuable? Because in Renaissance Europe, this color was obtained by grinding lapis lazuli stone.

We were inspired by this color when designing Ultramarine, the first independent collection of MISHKA. At MISHKA, we are against the separation of jewelry to men's and women's. We want to live in a world where everyone can wear whatever they want, regardless of their gender. This is why we chose the color blue – because it is defined as the color of men. And as absurd as it is to associate a color with a gender, it is absurd to define jewelry mainly as women's accessories.

"Colors are for everyone, jewelry is for everyone!" - this is the idea we started with when creating our unisex jewelry collection.

While working on Ultramarine, we were thinking a lot on one question: what keeps us from looking the way we want, dressing the way we want? Perhaps other's opinions is more important to us than expressing ourselves, perhaps we don't love ourselves enough to give ourselves the full freedom of choice. That's why we dedicated this collection to self-love. As we believe that individuals who loves themselves will express themselves freely with their style, wear whatever they want.

The pieces in this collection are minimalist yet outstanding, they are transformed versions of the jewelry we are accustomed to using. As an example, which of us did not wear very large hoop earrings? We turned the hoops into ovals, made them look like they were going through the ear, and covered them inside with blue enamel:

When you think of a ring, circle is the shape that comes to mind first, we added an angle to the circle shape, but a a soft one:

İki adet köşeli yüzük.

The "smallest" of the collection - the versatile cuff that can be worn either on the ear or on the lip. We love having the freedom to use one piece of jewelry in different ways:

 You can see all the pieces of the collection at All the pieces in this collection create a stronger look when used together.



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